Youth Ambassador needed in October in Tonga (permaculture/organic farming project)

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    Hello :)

    I am working as a VIDA (Volunteer for International Development from Australia) in the Kingdom of Tonga. VIDA is an Australian Government program that places skilled Australian volunteers in developing countries in the Asia Pacific region.

    I work with the Ministry of Agriculture, in the Food and Women in Community Development division.
    We have a home-gardening and a seed saving project running in conjunction with a community cooking initiative. These projects aim to improve household food security and promote healthier eating, in a country where diabetes and obesity rates are amongst the highest in the world.

    Globalisaiton is having some disastrous affects here:
    i) traditional diets are being replaceed with poor-quality imported foods, which are cheaper than locally produced fruits and vegetabls,
    ii) traditional agriculture systems have been replaced by conventional, commercial agriculture (with skyrocketing prices for farm inputs like hybrid seeds and sprays etc.). Traditional knowledge is being lost very quickly!

    So, our projects are trying hard to combat these problems. Unfortunately, I have to leave at the end of July, and we need to find someone to replace me in order to continue our successes.

    We want to find a suitable candidate who will be ready to go in October this year. The position will be part of the Intake 29 of the Australian Youth Ambassador program, which is very similar to VIDA. (

    I need to complete the application by May 7, so please, if you're interested email me asap and I can send you more details!

    Thank you!


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