WOW! They're re-inventing the wheel!

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    All expenses paid (probably including a fleet of Landcruisers too).

    The Kenya based - World Agroforestry Centre and University of Pretoria, South Africa, have made a remarkable discovery:

    Intercropping maize with leguminous trees, boosts yields by 50%.

    So why didn't they consider consulting with people already deeply involved in this direction of cultivation in the first place?...

    Even a chat with the '3 sisters' would have saved them all this trouble!

    But don't get too excited, guys 'n gals, they've probably already thought of canning the whole idea:

    They say there's a big drawback;

    " excessive and expensive labour involved in pruning the branches two to three times a year"

    I didn't realize that labour shortage in these developing areas was such a serious factor.

    Oh well, I suppose they'll have to continue research, spend a few more million genetically modifying acacia trees to suit intercropping with maize - maybe they'll come up with a strain that automatically self-prunes and produces giant stalks of ready-popped corn! :think:

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