Worm farm or permaculture company?

Discussion in 'General chat' started by iowacitypermaculture, May 20, 2008.

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    Hey all-

    My name is Kyle and I'm new to the forum. I'm a bit of a philosopher and am currently pondering a question that requires some perma-minded input. What does the greater good, creating a worm farm or create a permaculture design and contracting company? I'm just turning 22, currently graduated with a degree in geography, no dept, and lease ending soon. I've spend the last four months researching the economics and operating components of a successful worm farm for a paper and through my research I've come to the conclusion that this would a very profitable business and also improves the quality of the environment. I have an intent to focus the revenue in to local food projects in a way similar to the non-profit "Growing Power". I understand that this would require quite a bit of time to get started, though, and I'm beginning to forsea some potential limitations on my freedom and mobility. Which brings me to my other project.

    I'm a certified permaculturalist and live in community where my skills are wanted. Other organizations exist to educate concerning grass free lawns and abundant backyards, this and regional permaculture classes that are turning babybooms mad with ideas to do with their own land. I have close friends who I'm currently working on designs and maintaining existing projects and am giving speeches and helping out with education concerning "what is permaculture" and urban agriculture. To make a long story short, I'm a young sprout in a thriving eco-system of soil and am just waiting for water before I began to grow.

    So what do I water? Worm farm or permaculture compant?

    Both are related, indeed. Which does the most good? Can I do both? How could a worm farm link into a permaculture urban garden? Should I grow food and reduce waste?

    I guess the main conflict that I see now is getting tied down when I want to travel and study under other permaculture designers and projects. The way I see it, all knowledge comes from experience, and if I don't experience permaculture, how will I ever truly learn it? I see myself as a teacher and want to act entrapreneurially in my society to achieve a beyond sustainable existence. I want to do good and share what I know, period.

    Please offer inputs. I need some thoughtful observations concerning linkages that I may be missing.


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