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    Adamama, a permaculture demonstration center and farm in Israel, seeks long-term manager of all farm operations. Adamama was established in 2001 as an inspirational demonstration and experimentation center for adopting ways of a sustainable lifestyle, agriculture, and recycling, and as a place for finding the balance between man and nature. It is a non-profit organization run by Gur and Irit Rotem, who have lived here for 18 years with their four children along with several permanent resident families and their children.

    The farm is located in Nir Moshe village which is in the Northern Negev 5 km east of the city of Netivot. It is a semi-arid climate with approximately 12 inches of annual rainfall. The soil has been well-developed and there are a variety of trees and annual vegetables on the property. At the same time, there are many opportunities for new projects and expansion. The farm is set up to host up to 80 people at a time for workshops and courses.

    Mission Statement and Vision
    Our mission is to find solutions and ways to live a harmonic balanced life with our surroundings for the welfare of all partners in the web of life. The main visions of the project have been:
    - To establish an education center that will demonstrate how to function as a whole ecological system that motivates and inspires people to make a change on a personal level.
    - To offer an alternative to the traditional way of life that one can apply to any living environment.
    - To learn living and life skills using a combination of traditional and innovative methods.
    - To form a sustainable economy with responsible use of resources.

    We Try to Create Our Vision Through Use of:
    Appropriate technology - Finding renewable energy sources, recycling water, and building with natural and recycled material.
    Agriculture and Gardening - Defending the biological diversity, raising edible plants without using pesticides, propagating a variety of trees.
    Community - We try to use cooperative models.
    Education - Tours, workshops, and lectures.

    The ideal candidate will have a strong interest in peace and permaculture. This project was founded with these objectives in mind. Some experience in plant propagation and gardening is important, as well as an interest in living in a community. We are looking for someone who wants to stay at least six months- preferably a year or two. Competency in English and/or Hebrew a must. Compensation is room and board, with opportunities for additional income. You can visit the website: for more information. Or, contact Gur and Irit Rotem at [email protected].

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