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    Greetings everyone. I'm an avid lurker but irregular poster.

    Currently living in beautiful Hesket (nr Woodend) but planning a move to the Bellarine in 12 months or so. Hubby can't stand being so far from the sea so we'll be selling our 3 acre property with north facing 80's house a bit further down the track. I'm gutted to leave Hesket but I did sell him the Australian dream when I persuaded him to move with me so it's only fair we both get what we want. Big lesson learned.

    We're after at least an acre and would love to be rural rather than estate, so if you have land and would be willing to part with a little in exchange for $$ and relatively sane neighbours with similar ideas, do get in touch. We'd take more if we could afford to.

    We plan to build from scratch this time as we're now a bit braver but still have to work out lots before we move.

    Will defo hook up with the permie group a bit later and looking forward to finally planting and planning my permie garden once we're settled.

    Thanks to those who replied to my heating question last year. We ended up with a wood boiler specifically for hydronic/slab heating. Unfortunately the retailer undersized so we're waiting for a resolution, just in time for summer.

    Best wishes to everyone embarking on the sea/tree change. I'm glad we're now on the path but a long way to go. Pj

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