Wisconsin PDC with Focus on Community Gardening/Farming/Organizing, and Pizza

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    Midwest Permaculture will teach students how to enrich the land and soil they live on while enriching the lives around them and encouraging a sense of community. This class is extra special in that it will focus on community-building, and will look at the example shown by the host farm, The Borner Farm Project. The farm is quickly learning that nothing brings the community together quite like a community pizza night! Course is an 8-day training intensive hosted by The Borner Farm Project. June 23-30. Reduced price for early registration, group registration, seniors, and students. More info: contact the Borner Farm at [email protected], see class info at https://midwestpermaculture.com/borner-community-farm-pdc-2/ or call Becky Wilson at 815-256-2215.

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