will my asian wing beans every flower?

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    hello - I have 3 asian wing bean plants which have sprawled everywhere. they are the main thing growing really well despite the monsoon heavy rain. But even thought he vines are huge and about 3 months old there is no sign of a flower.
    I have read that they need short daylight hours to flower - not more than 13 hours. We currently have 12 1/2 hours from sunrise to set. But if you include dawn and dusk I a little more. So I'm wondering if anyone has any personal experience of how long they take to flower and get going and if the beans are really worth it because they take up loads of space.
    I have read you can eat the leaves - I tried and they taste Ok but are pretty tough (even the young ones).
    I bought the seed locally from a garden fair but the people selling them were from another state in India and didnt know English so I couldnt communicate well with them about these beans.

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