Wilderland Summer Organic Gardening Internships - New Zealand

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    Wilderland is one of the oldest collectively-managed farms in New Zealand with several acres of well-established certified organic gardens, as well as extensive orchards. We produce all vegetables and herbs needed by the Wilderland community, with surplus sold in our roadside shop. This natural wonderland is the classroom in which you will learn skills in all aspects of organic gardening, including crop rotation, planting, pest-management, harvesting and composting. All the seedlings for our gardens are grown in our small nursery so you‘ll also learn propagation from seed and cutting, as well as how to harvest, treat and store seeds that are true-to-type.

    Wilderland internships are ideal for hard working, self-directed folk who learn well through doing. Internships are hands-on, based on skill sharing, within the unique learning environment that is Wilderland. You’ll be involved in all aspects of community living and have the opportunity to collaborate with others. You’ll also receive personal guidance with a skilled mentor to ensure you gain a solid theoretical foundation in your area of study.

    How to apply Fees for our internships are moderate and include all food and accommodation. For details visit https://wilderland.org.nz/wpress/?page_id=387 or email [email protected]. Four internships are being offered this year and applications are due Friday 19 July 2013. Internships run from 1 September 2013 to 1 January 2014.

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