when is it proper to start seeking volunteers?

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    so much i have accomplished in the following year:i made a few garden plants,planted some of the fruit trees,attached the greywater system,almost finished my first indoor compost toilet.
    some much of the infra structure is still waiting to happen is is overwhelming, what of those things i could expect from volunteers:doing carpentry like building raised beds,building a compost tumbler,organizing the warehouse,digging new garden beds,building solar oven,making acompost toilet,re-organinzing the bamboo fence(which was badly done by professional workers)?
    after all, not all of the volunteers are super handy, what could i give them to do besides observing?
    i am learning by myself through trial and error, i can't really guide anyone,we can learn together. but i have time only on weekends(i work full time and have a family that needs my energy and care).
    besides infra structure(and observing) there is not a lot to do,what would the volunteers expect from me(besides the obvious food and accomodation)?
    my wife is very scared that once the volunteers would start coming i will not give her enough attention,i want so much to have a sense of community, and still not giving up on my family time.
    the entire property is 850 square meters, is it too small tobe considered a permaculture farm?
    so many doubts, but i am so eager to get to the next level.
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    WWOOFers would probably require at least 5 days hands-on and theoretical training, not to mention food from the garden. Weekends only wouldn't work out, I don't think.

    Joining a local gardening group, organising open days and permablitzes would be more flexible and wouldn't require sleepovers. Find a niche and get people interested in coming over.

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