What veggies like shade 2!!

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    Thanks all

    i'll try and explain, view from house looking at garden the width is about 10m by 15m on the left hand side there is a bank that i've been improving the soil for some time now, the shade comes from the trees on the right side of the garden one iron bark one massive palm and i'm not sure what the other one is at the moment there about 25ft ish tall the suns trajectory is great as its summer and the bank gets alot of sun 8ish hours but come winter the sun will be behind the trees, i'm sure a little sun will reach the bank and light deffinatly will but not for hours. Its not dark flash light shade but shaded by big trees the bank is open and there is nothing either side of the trees so it is light but not direct, am i making any sense. we are in sub tropics.
    Thanks for helping

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