What does a Permaculture Balcony Garden Look like?

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    In the 'Living on the Edge' project, we get permaculture out into the balconies and ‘Edge Gardens’of Melbourne. We will surprise ourselves by how flourishing and nourishing things can be up there, and by how resourceful and creative we really are.
    If you think that is the kind of thing you would love to do, then lets get together and do it. There are plenty of grants out there to help us along, if we can get organized and inspiring enough. Take a look at the draft vision of the project on the hompage here https://www.permaculture.org.au/index.php .
    Please post your brilliant balcony ideas and intractable balcony troubles, and for backup, send a copy to me (Cecilia) at [email protected].

    Wishlist to get the Project started:

    *Your photos of inspiring, quirky balcony or ‘Edge Gardens’, sent and shared as soon as you can.

    Here I am thinking of eco-systems on balconies, verandahs, windowboxes. On porches and in courtyards, around the back door, anywhere potted plants and living things need people, and people need them. Have you seen one on your tram route? Does your grandma have one? Found one on the internet? Please post the image on this site or send me a pic at
    [email protected]

    Contact me first if you are unsure of how to send an image by e-mail, and I will be delighted to show you how (easy once you are shown). Attach the name and contact details of the photographer if possible, in case its so good the project gets big, and we need to know for copyright.

    *Your ideas on what is needed for a Permaculture balcony garden.
    For example, from my own nook of experience, I’d say a Permaculture garden needs these basics:
    Useful plants, ever-present water supply, and a person. A regularly present person. To get the person present, a chair is pretty essential. A thrilling vision of how it will eventually look, and what the person will do up there is pretty indispensable too.
    Recharge after a day in the office, morning meditation or diary writing, escaping from loved ones are some of the lingering activities the owner could do. Getting herbs for dinner, potting seedlings for Christmas presents. What else could people do?

    A worm farm for potting mix, a community of friends to consult when the inevitable occurs will do a lot towards keeping it going. Having a loved balcony garden itself, by the way, does a lot towards keeping the worm farm going. Its all about the power of having a system.
    What else is needed? Please send your opinions and ideas

    *Stories of your own Balcony Garden

    How you came to begin it, what is in it, where and how you got the bits and pieces, where and how you got the inspiration to keep it going.
    Mine is a North-Facing, North Melbourne, Edwardian Style garden, but its time for a revamp, so Im looking forward to your inspriation

    *Permisson to share these stories and ideas with everyone.

    *Designers and teachers to run how-to workshops for community groups on balcony design.
    Experianced is good, novice is even better. We will work out the cirriculum together, and start delivering them in Melbourne from this April. Meeting at Cecilias house, contact me on 0412 474 282 or 03 9329 4492 or [email protected]. Of course we will work out a way to get paid, somehow. We are resourceful Permaculturists!

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