we are offering a position in Gatton Qld

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    Gatton qld
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    please contact for more detail.
    Here is an introduction to Echoes in the Valley

    We are in the beginnings of setting up the Gatton demonstration farm and plan on teaching the locals and interested bodies ,a different concept that includes living a sustainable existence and which does not include burning off every year.
    Echoes in the Valley is a 160 acres situated on the side of a mountain or 2 and facing the Darling ranges 17 kilometres from Gatton, Queensland.

    The weather here is warm temperate to subtropical and everything just seems to grow on its own as long as there is some water about...(I remember once putting in a passionfruit vine which was left as we could not be on the farm to return and see an enormous vine in its place.)

    Our land is rehabilitated land from overgrazing (usual story) but after having been left to spell for 5 years (with the neighbours cows frequenting it on occasion to graze grass down and add some lovely nitrogen paddies) it now has many acacias ( legume trees )and pioneer species of brigalow through regeneration and a long list of many other species discovered and recorded by Land for Wildlife when they came and perused the property to assess it for approval (which we now have) as there is a wide range of wildlife and pioneer species of plants.
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    Gday from john
    I not your last entry a while ago and wonder how your getting on with your gatton project
    I have not long completed my pdc and have been asked by my nephew near warrelview to help set up a systtem for him there is some amazing opportunity as he has a swale site about 800mtrs long that i reckon could hold about .8 megalitre. As i am from closer to the coast im interested in knowledge of pioneer species for that region. I ask could you please point me in the right direction for a list species or some understanding of the best swale covering for that region


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