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    As a full time Permaculture professional operating internationally through all major climate zones I am in need of the support of a very special person looking for a very unique opportunity!

    I am seeking to employ a highly mobile, highly motivated and multi- talented young Permaculture enthusiast full time who can oversee the day to day administration of our work whilst gaining the experience, insight and skills over time to develop their own professional career through engaged mentorship and training with maintained engagement in the field.

    From the UK I am currently establishing a small home in Sweden, approximately 50 mins SW of Stockholm where I will am engaged in setting up a 40ha Holistic Management beef and chicken grazing enterprise next spring, establishing a Jean Pain compost heated greenhouse for year round salad production and extensive forest gardens and vegetable production over several sites. We have several small communities based on farms and a shop in a nearby town for direct marketing of produce to local customers. I am looking for someone who might be prepared to come and base themselves in Sweden for most of the year that is able and willing to travel globally whenever necessary. I will assist in securing cheap rented accommodation on a farm within the wider community. Ideally this position will suit someone sensitive to living in community who is comfortable with land based ecologically minded living already!

    Besides running land-based enterprises I am engaged in extensive teaching, both world class PDCs and advanced design/ specialist practicums as well as regular farm and project consultancy work. The right candidate will have time and opportunity to attend all trainings and consultancies and assist with diverse aspects of our work, which will involve travel and a lot of fun!

    This is an unusual position and a potentially challenging one, but a unique opportunity that will open up doors for the right person in terms of their own career. I am in need of someone who is design orientated, highly flexible, determined and with a large dose of creativity and initiative. The role of assisting my work will involve diverse tasks and qualities, all of which are necessary to make this position worthwhile for me in allowing me to focus and leverage my time and energy. They include;

    Digital literacy

    Social Media Savvy

    Website development and updating

    Digital Graphic design

    Making flyers, info. packs, etc

    Promoting courses, web and locally

    Course Administration

    Booking travel arrangements

    Responding and communicating with clients

    Organizing a busy diary

    Documenting work through film/ photo/ journalism

    Online publication

    Responding to emails promptly

    Marketing produce

    Helping with practical tasks on the farm

    Assisting on courses/ trainings

    Action research

    Community friendly

    Have a full driving license

    The right person will also be;

    Skillfully communicative

    Positive solutions orientated



    Very reliable

    Perceptive and flexible to the work needs


    Highly organised



    Comfortable with a fast pace highly mobile lifestyle

    Willing to always go an extra mile

    Flexible to meet heavy work demands when necessary

    Well travelled

    Culturally Sensitive

    Committed to being of benefit in the world…

    Whilst I am looking to employ someone full time, I imagine a lot of space at different times will be free from administrative computer based work to engage with practical projects and helping run land based enterprises, so the position will be very dynamic and involve hands on experience. As an employer I am highly flexible, clear and responsive, my only condition is getting the jobs done effectively when they are needed. This is a very organic position so I’m looking for someone who will have some intuitive capacity! I need a very enthusiastic, reliable and committed person who finds a rhythm and pattern to be able to respond to my/ perceived priorities in a timely way and is comfortable leading themselves. Self- starting and self-directedness are vital. Good knowledge of Permaculture systems is of course beneficial but I will also be looking to train the right person in all aspects of this work. I will offer professional and practical mentorship with the intention that this person will gain the experience necessary to develop his or her own professional career in this field.

    Fully aware that there is no carved out career pathways in this field, and that there are countless opportunities and a high demand for skillful and useful designers I envisage a mutually beneficial relationship that outgrows itself down the line. Whilst I need reliable and regular sustained support this position may be viewed with the quality of a professional internship beginning for 1 year and ongoing if all develops in a way that is co- supportive in meeting my own and your needs.

    The position will begin somewhere between December and March in Sweden, where you will have the opportunity to live and participate in a land based community. Whilst the position will be very social, fun and diverse due to its nature, I will expect someone on salary being offered this opportunity to work very hard and effectively when necessary, beginning with an agreed trial period.

    If you are interested in this opportunity please consider carefully what is being asked for and what is being offered. I am interested in receiving a cover letter detailing your skill- sets, work experience, Permaculture experience, language skills, computer skills, etc, along with a CV and any references and links and information you feel appropriate to support this. I would also like to hear about your perceived personal needs and what you would expect and wish to accomplish through this working relationship, including the salary you would be comfortable working with!

    For the Earth!


    [email protected]

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    Wow what a killer opportunity! If I was 20 years younger I'd jump on this quick smart.

    Good luck with finding the right person. I'll circulate your request around some of the young people I know.
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    Thanks Farside,

    Yes, seems like a few others shared the same sentiment....! Thanks for circulating, I think it will be a very beneficial functional relationship for the right person....



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