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    I was wondering if anybody knows where or how I can get a copy of the 2 permaculture trust documents that Bill Mollison mentions in his book & lectures. I would like to put my property & assets into a trust & use it for a research & seed collection site - wild seeds as well as ones I can grow here. I have talked to a number of people in this area about permaculture ideas & am getting major interest. A lot of Alaskans are very self-sufficient people already but they need the permaculture information and a group, so they can do better.

    I am trying to set up these trusts right away, but would like to see some samples if possible - thanks.


    12/12/15 - I finally was able to check with a trust accountant here in my area & evidently Mr. Mollison's suggested legal structure won't work here in the US. So I guess that's why no one commented on this. Well, I am still planning on getting my local community working together on Permaculature & my property will be used for research on what can be done in this area.
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