Volunteers and WWOFERs wanted in Ethiopia

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    SFEL project is a sustainable business working in Ecotourism in Konso Wareda, Southern Ethiopia, active in local community development, demonstrating and training permaculture to local people and others. We are seeking long term (1 month or more) volunteers with experience, energy and enthusiasm to contribute to the project and our objective to spread permaculture practice in Konso and Ethiopia.

    Also sought; resident permaculturalist (i.e. expert with at least 3 years experience of design and application) capable of leading PDCs on (and off) site in Konso, to train up local people to become permaculture teachers in their own right. If the teacher can spend 6 to 12 months on site we can negotiate a stipend and cover travel expenses and living costs. Please contact Alex if interested: [email protected]

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