Volunteering in permaculture projects in Portugal

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    Greetings friends! Hope you're all doing great :)
    I'm Stefan from the little planet of Malta!
    Within the coming weeks (Late November/Early December 2012), I shall be moving to Portugal with the (future) intent of buying or renting a plot of land to start a permaculture and afforestation project with a few friends.

    Before I embark on such a project tough, I'd like to gain more experience in the field... Am currently searching for permaculture communities in all Portugal where I can spend a couple of weeks, helping in any projects, and the daily running of the place (i can sleep in my own tent next to the kennel where you keep your rottweilers)

    This shall be invaluable experience for me to have a better understanding of what Portugal has to offer, as well as learn the different approaches to permaculture adopted by the communities I visit.

    Have completed my PDC course in September 2011 and
    I have a few experiences working in sustainable villages in Cambodia, and small projects in Australia as well as Bahrija Oasis in Malta.

    Would appreciate any contacts, suggestions or to direct me to any links or websites worth visiting.

    Take care mates and thanks so much!

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