Volunteering and internships at a regenerative farm in Portugal

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    Come join the team at A Quinta in south west Portugal to learn while working on the farm, gaining hands-on experience and building skills for your future. You will be part of the farm community and experience how community life can be enriching as well as challenging.

    Do you have a particular interest or skills related to Regenerative Agriculture, Permaculture, Holistic Management, Holistic animal care, water management, eco construction, natural learning, cooking, or other skills which might be valuable to this project? If what we do inspires you, brings out the best in your creativity and you can’t wait to get your hands stuck into the dirt, you are more than welcome to come and volunteer or apply for the Learnership program.

    Come and join us on the farm as a learner or skilled student and you will receive a warm welcome. You will work with us to achieve whatever needs to be done on the farm during that time to get hands on experience in many area's of regenerative farming.
    All we ask for is a love for nature and animals, motivation, dedication and a happy soul. In exchange for around 6 hours help a day, we offer 3 meals, accommodation and an amazing learning environment.
    There will be one day a week off and we prefer a minimum stay of 4 weeks on mutual agreement, providing we connect well and can work together harmoniously.

    Current projects are working on:
    - working in the permaculture garden
    - creating a food forest and forest garden
    - pruning and maintenance work in the fruit orchard
    - animal care and holistic management
    - waterworks and watermanagement
    - building a garden dome
    - building a rocket stove and furniture
    - restoring a Taipa (rammed earth) building
    - murials and cobart

    This is a place for people who genuinely want to work and get their hands very dirty and learn.
    For more information, check out our website aquinta.org or send us a messsage.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

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