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    Aloha! We are developing a 14 acre property on Maui's windward (wet) coast along a Permaculture design made by Gary Grant, a friend, colleague & student of Geoff Lawton's. Lorinda and I are both former students of Geoff also, and worked with him at Tagari Farm in northern NSW years ago.
    The farm here is very beautiful, very much in the pioneering phase. We have space at leastr for the rest of the summer and possibly beyond for some volunteers who want to do some subtropical Permaculture work. Of course the field is wide open with work opportunities in every area you could imagine, but we are concentrating on the vegetable garden and planting pioneer legumes, windbreak trees and bamboo's. We have some pretty extensive poultry systems and a couple of goats.
    We run most of our vehicles on biodiesel and time permitting wish to set them up on WVO.
    We would love to have help from someone who is interested in doing to the goat dairy work, but if you have no experience in that are that is okay too.
    We are omnivourous.
    We can't pay you any money, but we can give you reasonably nice shared accomodation, and will share with you food from our gardens. We are solar powered and rain water fed, so we need to be conservative of our resources here.
    email me with a brief biography and when you might like to come.
    [email protected]
    -Richard Forster

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