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    Volunteer position/job announcement

    English Teacher / Assistant Project Manager
    Location Siem Reap, Cambodia
    Organisation SiRCHESI (Siem Reap Citizens for Health, Educational and Social Issues)

    Websites: https://www.angkorwatngo.com , https://www.fairtradebeer.com , https://www.ethicalbeer.com, https://www.beergirls.org

    Organisation’s Purpose, Activities and History

    Formed in 2000, SiRCHESI is a Cambodian Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), made up of
    8 local staff, most of whom work part-time for government agencies, under a ‘hybrid model’ of job
    sharing and capacity building. They are assisted by 17 outreach peer educators, and a large
    group of international academic advisors, students, interns and volunteers. SiRCHESI uses a
    Participatory Action Research framework within the community to provide culturally-sensitised
    best practices to prevent HIV/AIDS from further spreading (for example, targeting married
    women, husbands, beer promotion women, young souvenir vendors) and to create healthy and
    safer workplaces.

    SiRCHESI’s main activities include:
    · Providing health education about HIV-AIDS and alcohol abuse, via workshops and peer
    educator outreach to groups at risk;
    · Conducting systematic scientific monitoring via interviews and questionnaires of the progress
    of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and related health threats ravaging the Siem Reap community,
    including trafficking and sexual tourism; and
    · Creating a proactive health project to end the exploitation of women beer sellers and threats
    to their health and safety by creating – through literacy, language-learning and apprenticeship
    training – new , safer long-term career opportunities in the hotel industry.

    Assignment Objective(s) and Rationale
    § To provide English as a Second Language (ESL) training and assessment, and develop
    curriculum oriented to vocational language skills for the hotel industry, as well as additional ESL
    training to SiRCHESI staff
    § To support the Project Manager in liaising with stakeholders and developing the hotel
    apprenticeship program

    In 2006, SiRCHESI launched a program to increase job availability in the Siem Reap hotel
    industry for women who had been working as beer sellers. Brett Dickson, supported by Australian
    Volunteers International, helped establish of the ESL program and has been training the first
    cohort of students, since November, 2006. The advertised position is designed to build on this
    foundation and train a second cohort of students, as well as developing and extending the
    program for future sustainability.
    Indirectly, this SiRCHESI program assists the local civil society sector through strengthening
    leadership, management capacity and technical skills. It also is linked to SiRCHESI’s other programs
    to prevent trafficking and violence against women and children, and addressing health risks from HIVAIDS,
    alcohol, violence, etc.

    Length of Assignment 12 months July 1, 2007-June 30, 2008

    Working Relationships
    The assignment will report regularly to the Project Director, Dr. Sarath Kros, as well as to an International Advisor, on
    sight during three months of the year. The volunteer’s daily counterpart will be the Hotel Apprenticeship Program
    Associate Manager/Khmer Teacher/Counsellor, and he or she will also work closely with the Financial/IT Officer, as
    well as other SiRCHESI staff. He or she will teach participants of the hotel apprenticeship program and possibly other
    SiRCHESI target groups (eg, young vendors).

    Duties and Responsibilities
    § Provide daily English lessons for beginners and monitor students’ progress with weekly
    checklist reports
    § Help staff liaise with hotel managers about English language requirements
    § Help interview student-apprentice candidates
    § Develop teaching materials and document new and existing materials, for transition to the
    Hotel Owners Association (Gohort 3, 2008-2009)
    § Assist in preparing reports for donors
    § Work with SiRCHESI staff to improve English skills
    § Where possible, assist SiRCHESI staff with other educational outreach activities and
    research data, and build capacity in terms of research, computer skills, statistics, etc.
    Selection Criteria Essential
    § Experience teaching English as a Second Language, preferably to beginners
    § Good interpersonal skills, includes diplomacy liaising/negotiating with stakeholders
    § Computer skills (creating reports, word processing, email and the internet)
    § Khmer language skills or a willingness to learn Khmer language
    § Music skills or the ability to play a musical instrument (to use in the classroom)
    § Statistical research skills, eg, using SPSS or database entry with Excel
    Personal Qualities
    § Cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity, particularly respect for vulnerable women and
    children, and respect for the teacher/student trust relationship
    § Patience, tolerance and flexibility
    § Optimism and constructive attitude to capacity building and “making a difference” in people’s
    § Commitment to team work, coaching and mentoring other people
    § Ability to cope with cultural isolation and a standard of living that may be different
    § Creativity and motivation to work with limited resources within a challenging environment

    Additional Workplace Information
    SIRCHESI is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that works closely with the Siem Reap
    Provincial AIDS Office, in collaboration with the Provincial Health Department and the Ministry of
    Health. SiRCHESI's offices and Program Director are located at the Provincial AIDS Office.
    The volunteer will mainly work at a separate nearby location, the SiRCHESI Hotel Apprenticeship
    school, which has, on two levels, a small classroom, a separate teaching staff office, a
    counselling room, a terrace, and two washrooms. The classroom is equipped with foldaway
    tables, chairs, water cooler, and whiteboards. An LCD projector can be used on occasion. The
    office contains three desks, storage, and a desktop computer and photocopier/scanner/printer for
    staff, with a temporary modem/broadband connection and SKYPE voice-over-internet telephony.
    The main language spoken in the workplace is Khmer, with some English, and several additional
    SiRCHESI staff speak French. The volunteer would be required to learn at least a basic level of
    Khmer language.
    Usual working hours during the Apprenticeship Training Program (August – April) are six days per
    week, 6-8 hours per day (four hours each morning from 7:30-11:30am in the classroom, teaching
    one hour of English and supervising other lessons, with the remainder of time used for class
    preparation, evaluation reports, or visiting hotel training sites).
    In other months, working hours are 5 days per week, 6-8 hours per day.
    Additional Country/
    Location Information
    Siem Reap is a provincial town, located on the north-western corner of the Tonle Sap lake, about
    a 5-6 hour bus ride from Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. It is a very popular tourist
    destination, due to its close proximity to the magnificent Angkor Wat temple area. It has a wide
    range of accommodation options and modern facilities and services, including internet access.
    General Benefits:
    Additional Volunteer
    Benefits for those
    citizens of Australia
    and New Zealand
    working through
    Australia Volunteers
    § Accommodation will be provided or a small monthly allowance paid to enable rental of
    modest and secure living quarters
    § Annual and sick leave benefits will be provided in accordance with employer organisation conditions: four weeks
    annual leave to be negotiated according to program schedule, June 2008 suggested
    Volunteers through AVI are provided with the following additional benefits:
    Living allowance
    § Allowances are paid to cover the living costs of a modest lifestyle in the assignment location
    In country orientation and language training
    Other benefits and support
    § Airfares at the commencement and completion of the placement
    § Pre-departure vaccination expenses
    § Insurance coverage including travel, medical and emergency evacuation coverage
    § A settling-in grant of AUD$1,300 to assist with relocation costs, passport fees and costs of
    setting up in-country
    § Ongoing volunteer support throughout the assignment
    § A resettlement allowance of AUD$75 per month of assignment to assist with the return
    transportation of goods to home and return medical
    § Volunteers will take part in a pre-departure briefing run by Australian Volunteers International
    in Melbourne.
    Applications and enquiries can be sent to : Ian Lubek (International Advisor) at email address:

    [email protected]

    For AVI applications, there is an on-line application form.
    ABN 88 004 613 067
    71 Argyle Street (PO Box 350) Fitzroy VIC 3065 Telephone +61 3 9279 1788 Facsimile
    +61 3 9419 0976

    To apply for this assignment register as a member and post your CV at
    https://www.australianvolunteers.com/work/index.asp . Specify your interest in this assignment
    and provide a set of statements addressing the selection criteria (see below). For
    further information, contact Ian McDonald at [email protected] .

    For AVI volunteers , final confirmation of the appointment is subject to:
    § Formal approval from the employer
    § Procurement of visa and work permits
    § A satisfactory medical examination
    § A satisfactory criminal record check by the Australian Federal Police
    § Satisfactory completion of the pre-departure briefing.

    Australian Volunteers International is strongly committed to protecting the rights of children. We
    adhere to laws in Australia and foreign countries regarding child exploitation and support
    Childwise and ECPAT International.
    More information on Australian Volunteers International programs is available from:

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