Volunteer Coordinator Position on a Caribbean Permaculture Farm

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    [TD="class: row1 postbody"]North Coast of the Dominican Republic
    Pay: 10,000 RD/ mo, plus incentives

    Volunteer Coordinator – Taino Farms

    Taino Farms is a permaculture farm on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. We grow tropical fruit and veg that we consume at our surf hotel 20 km away in the town of Cabarete. A national park with dense rainforest jungle separates the hotel and the farm.

    Taino Farms is looking for a volunteer coordinator to live full time on the farm. The tasks of the volunteer coordinator will be to organize and manage the flow of wwoofers and interns (referred to collectively as volunteers) through the site. The volunteer coordinator will facilitate the volunteers’ work-flow on the farm, in the gardens, in the communal living spaces, and liaison with our permaculture designer, the farm coordinator, the head farmer, and the owner on various tasks and projects.

    Household tasks:
    Work with the farm coordinator to develop a system that works for you, the farm, and the volunteers to keep the living spaces clean and organized.
    Delegation of daily and weekly cleaning tasks to volunteers.
    Outsourcing of jobs to locals when necessary.
    Manage petty cash account.
    Daily farm and garden chores:
    Take direction from the Head farmer
    Watering, harvesting, mulching etc.
    Larger permaculture projects
    Work with the permaculture designer on project management and the flow of volunteers.
    Develop major elements of the permaculture design for the farm.

    Supply food to the surf hotel
    Develop a produce distribution system and schedule.
    Arrange transportation and harvesting.
    Supply food for the staff menu at the hotel.
    Value added products
    This is a future revenue producer for you and the farm. Currently we make honey and hot sauce, other ideas are: chocolate, dried moringa powder, cheese, yogurt, tomato sauce, pesto, etc. Projects like this work on a proposal basis and result in profit sharing for you and the farm.
    submit proposals and arrange for products and equipment to come in.
    Farm tours
    Help out – cook lunch, host guests, prep site, clean up site. Farm tours are half-day adventures where guests from Extreme Hotel go up to the farm for a lazy river float, riverside lunch and short tour around our permaculture farm.

    Blogs and updates:
    Contribute to our online blog by submitting a weekly blog with photos about topics of your choice focused on happenings at the farm.
    Submit a daily update to the farm coordinator. Communication is key.
    Make daily facebook posts on the Taino Farms page.

    Lifestyle/ What to Expect:

    The farm is located in a small Dominican village in ‘the campo’. It is a tight knit village, and our presence is well known and accepted. We work hard to maintain respectful ties with the community, the local shops, the children, and other farms. A good understanding of Hispanic culture and a drive to be a part of it is an asset. Due to it’s location, the farm can be hot, rainy, buggy, etc… an adventurous, c’est la vie attitude is a must. Live, learn, adapt, laugh, and everything will work out great.

    Your living quarters will be in the communal apartment where there is a kitchen, living room, small loft, bathroom, and movie projector. If you wish to sleep outside of these quarters, it will be possible to set up a tent for you as well.

    Anyone interested is encouraged to contact us at [email protected]
    website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Taino-Organic-farms/142940429079248?fref=ts[/TD]

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