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    Are you passionate about sustainability, community development or food security? The Permaculture Institute of El Salvador (IPES) welcomes international volunteers year round to live and work on our permculture demonstration site.

    IPES is a grassroots NGO of subsistence farmers practising and teaching permaculture for the development of a healthier, wiser and more ecologically sustainable society. El Salvador has been ravaged by centuries of monocropping, decades of agrochemicals and 20 years of civil war and as a result imports 95% of its food. IPES is doing vital work to change this. We use farmer-to-farmer methodology to teach Salvadoran farmers how to use permaculture to regain soil fertility, combat the effects of climate change and work towards food sovereignty. We work with communities all over the country and sometimes in neighbouring countries too. We teach individuals to lead by example in their communities, spreading permaculture principles for everyone's benefit.

    A key part of our work is our permaculture demonstration site. The site is 20 acres of land just outside the pretty old colonial town of Suchitoto. Volunteers work with the team on the land, learning about native plants, soil conservation and fertility, organic compost-making (we make about 4 different types of compost), natural pest management, crop diversification, medicinal gardens, rainwater collection, composting latrines, the use of microorganisms etc. Volunteers also gain insight into Salvadoran culture and history and how that affects the country's development. Volunteers also have the opportunity to travel with our team to other parts of the country to help build permaculture networks across El Salvador.

    There's a volunteer fee at IPES which covers your accommodation and coordinator support. It also helps IPES to keep going as big international funding pots disappear. We're totally worth it!

    If you'd like to know more, please visit our website (www.permacultura.com.sv) or email [email protected].

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