Voles in orchard

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    Ok, as some of you might remember I am in(Europe, Northern Serbia, plains, mid autumn) the process of buying an orchard around 0.6HA big + 0,6HA bare land.
    It is neglected and old, but I like it, particularly cause it was not sprayed the last 6 years nor cultivated, pruned or mowed.
    But it has its downsides as well. There are litteraly hundreds of holes in the ground. As I am newbie to all of this I cant tell you the exact volume of rodent population. I am not even sure its vole but as I heard its a common rodent in area I suppose its the same specie here.

    The initial intention was to start with rye and suppress weeds by seeding rye as ground cover, not everywhere of course, but I tought it should be the main cover crop in orchard.
    But as I read a bit about winter root and bark damage from voles in orchard I found that there is a way to lower vole numbers in orchard by introducing Vicia villosa.
    Now of course I am in doubt what to do, especially cause its late in the autumn, and there arent much time left for seeding.

    But anyway I am open to suggestions, comments and ideas what should be the good way to suppress weeds and voles in orchard.


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