village permaculture in Kenya

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    Greetings all :)

    Our family will embark on an adventure back to the village in Western Kenya at the end of this month. We will we working collaboratively with the local people in projects connected to sustainability. Our primary focus for this trip is to address food security through permaculture. Long term objectives guiding our ideas is the cultivation of empowerment in action to co-create healthy communities and perpetuate the preservation and celebration of culture.

    Trainers from PRI Kenya will be joining us for a 5 day training and implementation at our site with local participants. Anyone keen to join us?

    To see a short movie of the project try

    Please support (donation or share) if you feel moved to :)

    Questions for people:

    Does anyone have advice for this kind of project in a developing country?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Sam :)

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