Video of Bill's IPC 10 Presentation is Missing!

Discussion in 'Planting, growing, nurturing Plants' started by gmpm1, Mar 29, 2012.

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    During the IPC 10 event in Jordan, I viewed the Internet video of Bill's presentation on 3 under-used desert irrigation strategies, which included planting on mesa ledges and rock mulches. It was very interesting and valuable (no surprise there!). Unfortunately, I have been unable to find it since, anywhere. Apparently it was not archived with the other presentations and has disappeared from the IPC sites and YouTube, etc.

    In the presentation, Bill does tell one rather unfortunate, tasteless anecdote about Israelis, which would have better been left out. Still, the techniques discussed were interesting and valuable. I wonder whether someone has been able to unearth this video or know for sure why it was deleted. Thanks.

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