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    $1890 a day. $237 an hour. $3.90 a minute. 6.5 cents a second.

    WE'RE JUST guessing, but we rather suspect that not many of you receiving this email earn more than $693,000 a year, which is what a new report tells us the top 0.1% of the Australian population now gets.

    Which is a pity, because in that case we have bad news for you. You’re falling behind.

    According to an ABC News article, new research has shown that “the income of those at the top of Australia’s earnings ladder has soared into the stratosphere in the past 20 years”.

    Australia is becoming steadily more unequal. Which explains quite a lot, and raises quite a lot of questions around how our community will develop into the future.

    If you want to be part of the debate, come to Communities in Control 2010.

    Emeritus Professor Richard Wilkinson and Professor Kate Pickett are two of Britain’s leading social epidemiologists – part of a new breed exploring just what changes like this mean to our lives, our health, and our communities. They’ve co-authored a new book, The Spirit Level: Why more equal societies almost always do better, that shows exactly how this all plays out, and they’ll be addressing the Communities in Control conference on what it means in the Australian context.

    In fact, these themes will be taken up again and again over the two days of the conference – Moonee Ponds, May 31 and June 1 – and for once you’ll be able to engage with the issues that really matter, the really hard problems that underlie so many of your day-to-day difficulties and disappointments.

    Sometimes you need a chance to stand back and look at the big picture. Come to Communities in Control and work out what you need to negotiate the path ahead.
    Christine Nixon Reserve your spot now at

    Post-Conference Skills Day
    Sustainable Fundraising and Marketing in Tough Times
    2 June 2010
    Showcase your Cause

    Moonee Valley Racing Club
    Members Gate 1, McPherson Street, Moonee Ponds, Melbourne VIC

    Conference only: $298 (GST inclusive)
    Post-Conference Skills Day - Fundraising & Marketing in Tough Times: $235 (GST inclusive)
    Combined Conference and Post-Conference Skills Day: $495 (GST inclusive)
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    Sorry thats way too expensive for me, a student, thats like my weeks wages. Looks like you'll have to be in the top 0.1% to be able to afford the conference hahaha.
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    warm temperate - some frost - changing every year
    I feel sorrow for the people in that top bracket. I too was a big earner when working in the open cut mines some years ago but now that I earn about minus 10 thousand a year I am happier than ever was on the big money. I will be most happy though when I can bring it level and neither earn or loose money.
    Anyone looking to do a PDC soon?

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