Urgent help needed from goat experienced person near Sydney

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    Hi all

    We finally got a couple of goats yesterday! Two miniatures, although they don't really seem that miniature - they are a bit smaller then standard though. An adult female milker and a 1 month old wether who is bottle fed.

    The female is use to being milked once a day and generally gives about 2 to 2&1/2 lt. When we picked her up (from near Young) I had a try of milking her and it went fine. She was tied by her collar and had a rope around one back foot, and stood nicely for milking.

    Now that we are home, she is making it impossible. I assume its just that she's settling in and isn't use to me - at her place the person who usually milked her was right there to and she probably didn't even realise it was someone different. But now, even with assistance from my partner (who, being male, is bigger and stronger then me) I can't manage to get her still to do it - particularly from one side. No trouble getting the milk out when she stands still for a second, but I'm not able to do it long enough - she only gives me about 2 minutes. And when I try the second side she doesn't let me at all.

    Anyone with goat milking experience willing to come to us to help out??? I'm near Hornsby. I wouldn't ask except that I'm so worried that if we can't get any milk from the second side she'll end up in pain with a very full udder.

    Anyone got any suggestions?

    Email me if you're able to help and either include your phone number, or I'll send you mine so I can give you an address etc. Please if you think you might be able to help out reply asap, as she hasn't been milked at all from one side since yesterday. I would be soooo grateful for some help.


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