urban community food security, resilience building and reloc

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    Im re-Posting this message on behalf of a Melbourne Permablitz Designers Guild member

    Quote }Dear friends, colleagues and great people i'm yet to meet - i am about to embark on an international journey to collect information and inspiration from other folk working or involved in urban community food security, resilience building and relocalisation esque projects and I want your recommendations for people and places I simply must encounter!! I will be going...well anywhere you suggest in the Americas and Europe. I would GREATLY appreciate it if you could help me with one or two of the following things

    1. contacts and information/lists regarding projects that you think i should visit

    2. a sentence, a photo, contact info/link to website of projects of any scale that you are involved in. I'm hoping to take and be able to share and distribute a digital zine/handbook of the amazing things we're building and growing down here. Would also be useful for ourselves too hey hey.

    My email list is quite limited so please forward this to other people you know that would be able to assist. Thank you so much for your time and efforts. Lots and lots of love, Megan- < meganfloris-at- gmail.com > }end Quote

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