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    For anyone who has not heard, WeTheTrees.com launched just over a month ago. It is a crowdfunding platform focused on permaculture, sustainability, and social change. It launched like a rocket, and has been doing exceptionally well since.

    WeTheTrees Click here to check it out.

    In just over a month, the site now has 12 campaigns running, and has raised over $11,500 for those projects. Two campaigns have completed, with each receiving over 200% of their goal!

    The outpouring of support to the site from the Permaculture community has been incredible, and rightly so, because there are such interesting projects up on the site currently. These include the ever popular Permaculture Ukulele Musical Project, which is a campaign to produce a musical album of songs dedicated to the permaculture principles. There is also the Living Soil Saves Lives Campaign, which is raising money to build soil food web labs in India. The group has previously worked with Vandana Shiva and has been encouraged to do similar in other regions of India. There is a project to build a school garden in Nepal, a sustainability project in Peru, and many others.

    Come check it out. You will enjoy having a look around.

    Best to all, and thanks for what you do!

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