UK /BBC Gardening Podcasts

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    Interesting podcasts. possibly useful more for new gardeners or those gardening in the Mountains/Highlands or Antarctica.

    There is a gardener's question time and even a Scottish gardening show!
    I am so glad my great great great grandmother stole a hanky and was transported to Tasmania, otherwise I'd be trying to grow cabbages and turnips on some cold windy UK moor. :)

    Q-Why do you fill up your watering cans in the morning and water seedlings at night?
    A-So the icy morning water doesn't shock your plants
    Q-Why should you not use grass clippings in compost?
    a_ Because they turn to slime
    (No, mine turn to hay!)
    Nothing available today

    The Irish Podcast was nostalgic for me, sounding like my grandmother.

    The garden Guides might be more useful
    Only the Poms would have a guide to ethical gardening while laying land mines in Afghanistan.
    SCi Fi fans might like to catch up with the serilaised Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The new book by Eoin Colfler--it is good.

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