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    Jun 8, 2010
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    Hi everyone!

    i think ive been here before ! i just couldnt recall my login

    I live in North Queensland and im a grower and user of wierd and wonderful plants
    Ive noticed a real dearth of access to tropical permaculture plants. The range seems to run tassie to Sunshine coast and then fade away!

    but theres so many!

    ive set up a little website that makes it easy to sell excess using a webcart

    but im also keen on trades

    I am a post graduate university student and my area of interest is tropical ecology
    im especially keen on home gardens, agrobiodiversity and their role in assiting conservation and human ecologies

    I collect wherever i go. any fresh produce market ill be in ferrting out rare veggies to take home and propagate!
    Ive had to move and have lost a lot but im rebuilding

    If you live in North qld and want to meet up thatd be great
    id especially like to visit and even documents home gardens up here

    there are many planst that arent listed so please just ask
    if i dont have it i might be able to lead you to it
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    Jan 24, 2011
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    hi I am interested in ice cream bean tree seeds and wondred if you could help me as i am transforming an ex rice field / banana valley into avatar jungle for my kids. email or sms 0404288438, Thanks for your time lyall & goodluck with business - TASHI DELEK

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