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    so I kinda ran out of time there the last go around so here is more that I have learned about Tilapia along the way.

    They eat water plants as well as most green plants(nonherb) we humans eat so you can always toss stuff like that in your pond. Great way to deal with any kitchen salad scraps.

    Duckweed is a little water plant that is rather good for fish and ducks. It's pretty easy to grow and can be frozen in a little water in cubes for later feedings.

    Speaking of feeding ice cubes here are a few reasons they are handy, they stay up at the top of the pond so easy access to the fish an less ends up on the bottom. They are good for storing foods that spoil for a good long while. Makes it quick easy.

    also natural fish foods are great. Planting mulberry tree's around your pond helps a lot in attracting bugs. Also you can ad flowers of a variety of colors, this also attracts bugs. Of course some folks just put brightly colored objects in or near their pond. Different bugs are attracted to different colors so I'd put various colors in different parts of my yard for a day or 2 an watch to see which bugs go to what color.

    hang a white sheet over the pond and shine a light on it for a few hours every night.

    All in all you shouldn't need to buy much fish food if any but if you do you can freeze that in ice also if ya want. For all you aquaponics folks out there you can rig up some automatic feeding devices fairly easy. One type simply drops pellets when the fish swim by a little bobber an knock it around.

    I hear adding bird, or cow turds helps speed up the growth and number of the fish. Bird crap works best, I'm going to try horse crap this year.

    For you breeder types that are simply interested in helpen them reproduce here are a few things for ya.
    If your doing tank breeding 1 male to ever 6 females, some recommend just keeping it7 in a tank
    when a female has babys she keeps em in her mouth, I'm told that if you take her out an put her in a seperate tank she will spit out the babys... or was it eggs? Can't remember, anyway if you do that an then take her out once she's droped her kids off you can stick her back in an have her breed nearly right away.
    Thats the best way for getting a LOT of fish in a month or 2. Of course you would want to put a few bricks in the breeding tank.

    Now if you have a pond here's a good way to go about it. Have LOTs of hiding for the little ones (see my first post) and a lot of bricks and or logs for the big ones to rub up on. Also have ducks or something to crap in the water a lot, somethin about their poop seems to help things out. If any of you know why feel free to share.
    Other than that just feed em good food an let nature do it's thing.

    If you don't want em to breed you can put em in a circular tank (swimming pool) and keep a jet on the water so it always has a current. You can direct the retern drain on your aquaponics to create a current also in most cases. That mixed with lack of things to rub up on should do the trick. There shouldn't be much breeding if any if you do all that.

    There are laws on this fish so check those out before you go gettin any, they can be an invasive fish in some areas.

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