this forum is a climax species association of mods and senior members....

Discussion in 'General chat' started by kimbo.parker, May 24, 2014.

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    and when one reads 'active members', one understands that most of them signed on to sell mobile phones, insurance or financial advice....
    the mods jump on the posts and keep the board clean, but the software still reads them as active members.....

    the reality is; there's maybe a dozen of us
    probably old bastards
    probably disabled

    there is maybe one rogue - definitely disabled - and he is but a glove puppet for the cosmos....

    [h=2]Daily Horoscope for Everyone[/h] Sunday, May 25, 2014 -- We might not have a solid handle on reality this morning because we're so concerned with initiating action that we forget about the principle of cause and effect. An overly optimistic Sun-Jupiter alignment raises our hopes, along with the stakes. But we're not easily fooled because mental Mercury connects with intelligent Uranus to sharpen our minds. Meanwhile, the Moon's shift into earthy Taurus at 5:27 pm EDT sets our feet firmly on the ground.


    mental mercury wakes this idiot up from borderline nightmares where he is both attacking and pursued by authority figures....any and all.
    stuff locks onto his puny mind and he commences that circular thinking shit that goes nowhere and everywhere.....

    ultimately he locks on to something and can't let it go....
    so he comes here.

    where google bot will ensure what should have stayed in one small corner of one tiny place - is recorded and diseminated to the world for those fools that detest his points of view, to stew over, and ponder revenge.


    and the thing is, the absolute crazy thing is - he is an idiot, an old man with no teeth, no friends, no influence, no nothing......
    and he comes here,
    a habit he despises, contemplating if he'll ever have the smarts of those long gone from this forum - the old school designers -

    he's off now to attack multiculturalism, religion, and extremists like vegans.....
    the poor bastard, he wanted so much to be a vegan....
    and then he heard one call honey bee spew,
    his ambition was killed and now he seeks revenge.

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    -15C-35C, 10cm rain/mo, clay, full sun, K-G Dfa=x=Dfb
    i was rather surprised by how quickly i became a "Senior Member". i figured it would take a few years. wasn't concerned. and then there it was. hmmm... 100 posts? that number about maximum people on-line at one time must have been during some rather large spam attack.

    i didn't read much of Len. RF doesn't appeal to me any longer, i'm surrounded by it here in one way or another, but i ignore it as best i can.

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