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  1. Douglas J.E. Barnes

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    I look forward to finding out about the new system as I have been working on a curriculum to hand into Tony for 4 years now and was just about comfortable enough with it to turn it in. I hope the new plan does not throw 4 years of work down the tubes.

  2. Tropical food forest

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    Jun 8, 2010
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    this is funny as it gets.
    If any one wants a certificate for anything
    ill certify it

    ...this month ill even throw in free gold stars

    just like you used to get for being good kids in preschool,
    sitting up straight and sharpening pencils!


    PDC's are worth a thing. Its a piece of paper amidst a sea of paper
    At least toilet paper you can wipe your bum with.
    i dont think PDC's are that absorbent, i must try one day..
    ive got 3

    Your design credentials, is your portfolio of work

    until youve created a workable design, and implemented it, one that stands up to real use
    then you are not a permaculturalist
    youre just.. a person with a PDC

    to the lady with the son studying
    i kinda feel for you and him
    but at the same time look at it another way
    what a beautiful lesson in truth
    your son may learn sooner what it takes some of us a whole PhD to grasp

    youd be better off helping him documnet his design process as it progresses
    and help him build his confidence by building that portfolio, library and garden
    then he can say
    i am able to design and create permaculture systems
    and here is my work for you to see.

    i grew out of gold stickers in year 3
    and i can tel you as someone still doing postgrad at uni that i hate those pieces of paper
    all the nonsense and hoops of assessment and administration just get in the way of real learning time!
    we just tolerate it so people of no actual talent can get jobs :p
  3. Tropical food forest

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    Jun 8, 2010
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    is eduspeak

    you dont need it. in fact eduspeak is the antithesis of knowledge.
    its designed to make the business of learning a privelage , and the business of teaching a closed shop

    no design course can teach anyone all they need to know
    it can only argue for a new approach and way of thinking
    with that new way of thinking (the 3 core design ethics) we proceed

    in fact if you absorb a lot of permaculture literature
    and start applying it widely thinking you know something
    you can actually inhibit your chances of success

    I laugh when i go to other countries and see all the examples i see that bill put fwd as permaculture acceptable techniques.
    and i read the original papers he references.
    what people recognise as permaculture - isnt - most of it is traditional agriculture we are relearning.
    its the ethics and emphasis on design. thats it. thats all permaculture is. everything else is borrowed and youve only seen a fraction of whats out there - and its beautiful

    i like what Mollison said something like this in global gardener

    "when youve designed your own garden so you can leave it for 3 or 4 months and it just gets better, then you are free to travel and teach others"

    my best and final advice is that if you are thinking of doing a PDC
    insist on seeing your prospective teachers own home garden and how they make it work in fine detail. If you like their credentials then you may want to hire them to show you how to evolve a similar system.

    lol ill have to start a paperless PDC now that ive mouthed off!

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