TALKING FINANCES: Free Guide for Board Members now available!

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    TALKING FINANCES: Free Guide for Board Members now available!

    By Vanessa Nolan-Woods
    Head of Community Markets, Westpac

    In association with Our Community, Westpac Social Sector Banking (the
    Community Markets team) is proud to launch the new Guide for Community Board
    Members: Understanding Finances.
    This guide is the second in a series offered to community groups free of charge,
    and follows the popular Guide for Community Treasurers, which was launched in
    2008 and revised late last year.
    The Guide for Community Board Members contains the vital information that
    board members need to know in order to completely understand the financial
    reports presented to them by their Treasurers. It explains balance sheets, income
    and expenditure statements, cash flow statements, accounting methods, planning
    and troubleshooting.
    By developing this guide with the assistance of industry and financial education specialists we hope to connect
    community groups with the educational resources they require to strengthen their organisation and achieve their
    long-term vision.
    Westpac has been working with community organisations of all sizes for years – local sports clubs, schools, national
    aged care facilities and everything in between. During this time we’ve learned that the demands and the
    opportunities of the non-profit sector are both unique and diverse. Understanding this, we aim to offer these
    organisations more than just banking services. We’re committed to:
    - Understanding your unique day-to-day financial workings and requirements
    - Designing and innovating our solutions and services to align with your needs
    - Providing specialist bankers, who are dedicated to servicing the community and social sector
    - Connecting you with the education, training and resources you need to effectively and efficiently
    manage your role in local communities.
    Westpac Social Sector Banking is also working closely with the Westpac Financial Education team to ensure that
    community organisations have access to discounted access to financial workshops.
    The Guide for Community Board Members can be read online, downloaded in PDF format, or ordered free of charge
    via the Our Community website – visit
    For information about any of the solutions we offer community groups email

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