Talk by Rosemary Morrow and Farewell Celebration

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    The Restorative Power of Permaculture

    ...its Psychosocial Effects in Times and Places Where Life is Very Hard

    WHEN: 20 October 7.30 - 9.00
    WHERE: Lawson Bowling Club
    Rowe Morrow walks, talks and writes Earth Restoration through permaculture. She is a bit of a 'know-all' teacher and loves facilitating permaculture classes. The challenges and interactions are food for her. More than this, she is 'ga-ga' with amazement and delight when her students carry on and do amazing unthinkable things with their knowledge and skills and surpass her in every way. She is grateful to everyone of them for adding richness to lives and those of their peers. They replace, restore and renew.

    Entry Free members PBM, $5 non members

    Rowe will be leaving the Mountains and moving up to the Central Coast - Permaculture Blue Mountains will be wishing her the best and celebrating her new adventure with her.

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