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    Having just returned from the Sister's Creek practical permaculture course with Bill M and Geoff Lawton I am ready to teach swale workshops. A successful workshop has already been held.

    Swale workshops in Bunyip, 80km east of Melbourne.

    You will learn how to build an "A" Frame and a water level.
    You will survey contours and dig part of a swale.

    Workshop goes for about 4 or 5 hours.
    Ring me to book a time that suits you. Weekdays or weekends.
    I am happy to teach individuals or small groups.
    Cost: $50.
    Concession available depending on your circumstances.

    Tamara Griffiths
    Moonrise Permaculture
    03 5629 5918
    0407 45 7707
    [email protected]

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