Sustainable Living Apprenticeships at Earth Ayni in the Sacred Valley of Peru!

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    Urubamba, Sacred Valley, Peru
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    Our participants join our program to learn more about sustainable living, Kundalini Yoga, energy medicine, meditation, as well as to deepen and explore their spiritual life, and to experience life in a community environment. It is our intention to support you on your personal journey and your path to live in harmony with Pachamama.

    The Sustainable Living Apprenticeship Program is geared toward those who want to immerse themselves into learning sustainable living techniques. Our rigorous curriculum offers you the hands-on experience to build your own home, start a business building for others, or kick-start a teaching career in the green industry. We offer a range of earth building techniques which utilize local, recycled, and low cost materials. Our goal is to give you the skills and guide you on the path toward self-sufficiency.

    Our program includes techniques such as cob, adobe domes, Superadobe, siting, design, foundations, drainage, flooring, doors and windows, niches and shelving, artistic elements, living roofs, reciprocal roofs, plastering, earthen paints, rocket mass heaters, traditional masonry heaters, earthen ovens, composting toilets, Permaculture, and more. Topics covered and hands-on experience will be determined by the length and timing of your stay.

    Included are any scheduled programs during the time of your visit. We invite our participants to join our circles, ceremonies, Kundalini Yoga, and the Household Health Workshop Series.

    Apprenticeships: 1 Month minimum
    Work Study: 1 Week minimum

    A Sustainable Living Apprenticeship Certificate is offered after completion of the 3 month program.

    Please see our website for more information at

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