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    This kickstarter is pretty amazing. Not only is the design free to download and designed to be sustainable from the ground up, there are also open source designs for machines used to fabricate building materials:

    Open Building Institute
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    Be nice if it were that simple or we missed something or had done this along time ago. We have 1000's and 1000s of building codes across the world and known local practices that work based on testing in those codes, local, international. If one wants to design outside those codes eg: CEB, BIO, ECO, etc) they must hire a licensed engineer. A good one will require testing to the site loads and qualification. If one were to offer an open source design tool it should include those test over a long life cycle or it is unfounded. Be careful with the liability aspects of large work groups. If you are acting as a GC or Design Pro seek the advice of an attorney.

    Noble effort, but I don't see how it replaces the many professionals needed in the legal robust design-build process with the average person in society, or has large impacts on high density areas like urban. As energy efficient renewableable, sustainable, design prevails comes the need for more pros with decades of experience, not less. More and more computer models other than CAD will be the basic design tools I do not see being offered here nor instructions.

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