Sustainability within a Generation:A new vision for Australi

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    David is currently speaking on the ABC, at the National Press Club in Canberra.

    David Suzuki has been talking to the ACF about an Australia version of this Canadaian document.

    We need to be creating submissions for each on the following area like:

    Towards the following goals:

    GENERATING GENUINE WEALTH: Supplementing the narrow goal of economic growth with the objective of genuine wealth

    IMPROVING EFFICIENCY: Increasing the efficiency of energy and resource use by a factor of four to 10 times

    SHIFTING TO CLEAN ENERGY: Replacing fossil fuels with clean, low-impact renewable sources of energy

    REDUCING WASTE AND POLLUTION: Moving from a linear "throw-away" economy to a cyclical "reduce, re-use, and recycle" economy

    PROTECTING AND CONSERVING WATER: Recognizing and respecting the value of water in our laws, policies, and actions

    PRODUCING HEALTHY FOOD: Ensuring Australian food is healthy, and produced in ways that do not compromise our land, water, or biodiversity

    CONSERVING, PROTECTING AND RESTORING AUSTRALIAN NATURE: Taking effective steps to stop the decline of biodiversity and revive the health of ecosystems

    BUILDING SUSTAINABLE CITIES: Avoiding urban sprawl in order to protect agricultural land and wild places, and improve our quality of life

    PROMOTING GLOBAL SUSTAINABILITY: Increasing Australia’s contribution to sustainable development in poor countries


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