Surf'n'turf could cut cattle methane emissions

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    Surf'n'turf could cut cattle methane emissions
    Tuesday, 22/09/2009
    A Queensland livestock nutrition expert says a seaweed diet could hold the key to reducing the methane emissions of cows.
    Doctor Tony Parker, from James Cook University in Townsville, is researching the role seaweed could play, because of its lack of fibre, which makes it more digestible.
    And if you're worried about your favourite juicy steak changing its flavour, Dr Parker says the taste wouldn't change much.
    "Seaweeds do contain volatile compounds, that's what makes the sea smell like the sea and it gives prawns their 'prawny' taste," he says.
    "Whether it would go through into the fat, I don't think so.
    "I think with the drying process we're putting it through, probably a lot of those volatile compounds would disseminate into the environment.

    -ABC Rural news

    So too could Kangaroo poo? or at least the bacteria that the kangaroo uses to break down grass.

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