Sunny Saludos From Mexico!

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    Hola Amigos!

    I'm Dan. My wife Holly & I would like to introduce ourselves and our new-ish sustainability education center, Rancho Sol y Mar, on the Pacific coast of Mexico near Puerto Vallarta.

    Hello, hello, and thank you for allowing us to be a part of this community!

    About us and what we're up to:

    Though not formally steeped in Permaculture, Holly and I quit our corporate type lives in the states about 6 years ago, and headed for the good life here in Mexico. Now we're farming photon's for water heating, pumping, and electricity, recycling nearly all of our water, making mountains of compost & humanure, and building with traditional adobe, compressed earth block, & cob. For the past five years, and with the help of many, many, wonderful volunteers, we've been working on the infrastructure for hosting workshops, classes, and retreats. Last winter we held our first big cob course with 25 students here for six weeks, and it was a blast. This winter we'll be hosting two well respected PDC courses and starting on a one acre tropical food forest. We also raise free range chickens and goats, and we make artisan cheeses that we sell in Vallarta.

    Currently we're actively looking for a caretakers for August and September, or, ultimately, a Permie person or persons (preferably a couple) who are interested in relocating to warmer climes and having a free land lease and other perks in exchange for about three months of annual care taking / property management. Application reviews will be heavily biased to those with intermediate or higher spanish, experience with farm animals, and permaculture experience (particularly in tropical or dry, subtropical environments). Some savings to get started, a proven track record in pursuit of permaculture based life, and work or volunteering related references will be required for consideration.

    Full info, pic's etc. can be found at our website www (dot) ranchosolymar (dot com), and application for the positions can be downloaded from the FAQ's page. Please also find us on Facebook, and check out our Blog "Sustainable Mexico" at

    Oh, and one more, unrelated pitch. We hope you check out and consider using Ecosia (, the web search engine that plants trees with every click. It really does!

    Warm Regards from SOB (south of the border)!

    Dan Gair, Goat Wrangler and Photon Farmer
    Holly Hunter, Artisan Cheese Maker
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    Hola Dan and Holly!
    It sounds like you're doing excellent work in Mexico ... your gardens look wonderful!

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