Suburban Garden Now open for Inspection

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    Im pleased to Offer my Suburban Permaculture garden for Interested Persons, to Learn more about Permaculture,and Organic Gardening,
    Garden is allmost 6 full years old.It has a range of Interesting Disciplins,including Poultry,Ducks,Worms,Aquaponics,Fruit trees,Herbs,Fodder Trees,and vegatables,I also have a strong Spiritual Interest,
    I am available anytime or day,Am prepared to teach on a 1 on 1 basis,and have limited accomadation,Tent,or comfy accomadation is a stones throw away,

    Easy going,Non Intensive teaching,done over a cuppa,catering for beginers or experienced,

    Come and see Permaculture in the Flesh,Feel free to pick or choose your subject,and your learning times,

    Produce also available,depending on Seasonal variations

    For More Information contact [email protected]

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