steep cut slope erosion control in tropics

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    Hi all, first post, happy to be here. Thank you for this space.

    My BF and I finally :) got our land in tropical Panama, near the coast. First thing we would like to take care of is a very steep cut slope between the road and our land on a hill. Its seams like 70% inclination and we with to avoid erosion and protect the land as soon as possible. After some research, I understand terraces is good DIY for 45% inclination or less. Also I read about vetiver grass and its amazing properties and was thinking of creating a contour line of vetiver on top border before and after that, start mazibuko trench with sunn hemp, since the top side of lot is either cut of filled so its quite infertil at the moment. These two would provide barrier for erosion and security. People from around say this cut has been for years and only small debris come off.

    Would all this be a good idea? Any advise would be really appreciated. Im attaching some pictures from below, the top and an aerial view.

    Thanks a lot and best wishes to all!!

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