statistics or previous studies needed

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    hello fellow designers
    i have recently become involved in a Permaculture project in Samoa. we have a resident scientist there who is avid that to further the acceptance of PC in Samoa case studies and statistics are needed. ok, i said we can do that too.
    land intended for design and production is giving way to case studies for pointless yield confirmations.
    so here is the first request to anyone out there. i am looking for any relevant data on coconut circles, ie: improved yield numbers, test sites any case studies, etc. we have already started planting over there.
    all data i collect will be filed and posted where possible and appropriate.
    thankyou for your valuable input.
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    Re: statistics or previous studies needed

    controls arent pointless
    do to the complexity of one ecological system, local micoclimate, soil biome, ect to the next
    your not going to be able to "convince" him/her to forgo the control plots
    sorry it would invalidate the experiment

    supporting evidence will be happily included and cited (be it confirmed or refuted)
    but he/she is likely fully conversant with all applicable previous scientific papers

    google scholar would be your first step ... tnG=Search ... tnG=Search ... tnG=Search ... tnG=Search ... tnG=Search ... tnG=Search

    ect ;)

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