SSA's Five Day Home Project

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    An Earthship provides fantastic insulation, summer or winter, but is a major construction project for anyone. But on page 115 of the 3rd book, Earthship, Volume III, by Michael Reynolds, a smaller, round Straw Bale "Temporary Structure" is suggested.

    They call it The Five Day Home Experiment...

    Pretty good for your own place, far better insulated than just a Yurt. And of course, each person has to commit to helping each of the other four helpers to build their own place as well.

    (The $1200 cost of materials is based on 1993 prices, or possibly even older. The book was published in 1993.)

    Copies of the plans can be bought from SSA (Solar Survival Architecture), PO Box 1041, Taos, New Mexico, 87571, USA. Or check the site listed below:

    This kind of co-operation is just the thing for Permaculture-minded people, I'd reckon. Anybody game to start a FIVE DAY HOME PROJECT?

    By the way, an Earthship is a house built of rammed earth, pounded into lorry tyres (truck tires). Three sides of the building have banks of earth and no windows. The sun facing side (that's south in the northern hemisphere, but north in the southern hemisphere) has large windows to let in light and winter sun.

    You get tremendous thermal mass, which means stable temperatures, year round. Very little need for heating or cooling.

    This so-called "Temporary" structure uses many of the same principles, and can be built fast.


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