So you think you can practice your permaculture?

Discussion in 'News from around the damp planet' started by Farside, Oct 28, 2014.

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    Well I was rather shocked but not surprised by this news this morning:

    You may have seen this very funny and scaringly accurate rant about how law enforcement in the US is robbing the citizenry in the name of domestic security:

    What is not yet widely reported yet is that the IRS has started doing the same thing with peoples bank accounts.

    The cycle is turning and governments will become tyrannical in their attempt to preserve their power. If you have any hope of keeping your permaculture operation then you have to be absolutely squeaky clean. Even then, expect a knock down the door from your local paramilitary hit squad every so often and hope you don't get accidentally shot in the process.

    OK. Rant over...
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    These Americans are Crazy.

    (says Obelix)

    Having said that, the first link makes me think there is something missing in the story. It doesn't say why the authorities raided the commnity (I simply don't believe it was a random raid). Without that piece of information it's hard to do anything with the story.

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