severe change possible in UK governance between 2014 - 2015

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    Hi everyone, this is some proposals that a group of fed up British Citizens have come up with in regards to the current government and how it seems to be against the peoples general wishes whilst keeping the elites and corporates happy.
    In a nutshell, this lady has discovered something in the UK constitution which enables communities to call for local and countrywide referendums for certain issues, in the 800 year history this has been used 45 times and not once in the last 300 years, she said that dis-info at school saw them taught that there is no UK constitution when there really is!
    Now, in the last 800 years, all 45 previous referendums, no matter what the people demanded, the crown and government bowed to the peoples wishes, hence why it was called a reset as they normall voted for the abolition of taxes etc.

    They have done all the required research and are planning on kick starting it all this September and hopefully by 2015 the government here will be even better than a Direct Democracy system.

    there are 8 initial proposals like: Abolish tax and replace it with a 1% charge on all transactions, they have calculated this to add £1 Trillion per year to the treasury as a Minimum! Also a national living wage for all citizens of £7,500 no matter what age they are.

    Anyway, if interested, take a look at the site and here's also the online podcast interview which drew me to their site:

    INTERVIEW: first 30 mins has all the info.



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