Self sufficiency philosophy

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    Re: Self sufficiency philosophy

    What an individual community does or doesn't do is up to them. "Autonomy within the bounds of governing law..." is my philosophy. The laws need changing on many things but we should be free to do what we want within them.

    To be totally self sufficient is NOT impossible. It just requires giving up some of the things we have come to call "unnecessary necessities".

    Use honey instead of sugar...
    Eat porrige instead of white bread...

    A few lifestyle changes wouldn't hurt a lot of peoples health either...

    I don't recall reading, "Thou will not barter..." in the self sufficiency bible.

    Someone once said... "Life is a journey, not a destination..." Self sufficiency is the same, its something we aim for, perhaps never get there 100% but we enjoy the journey along the way.

    If you have kids and there favourite toy is an xbox ... they are probably not good candidates for self sufficiency...

    Less is more...

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