Seeking Permaculture Restoration Manager for Barbados - 6 weeks, paid.

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    Barbados Sand Quarry Restoration

    Position Open:

    Short Term Planting Manager / Planting Team Coordinator

    Basics about the site:
    The site is a sand quarry that has been in operation for decades. Within the next few years, the site will be finished with extraction, and Terra Genesis International ( has been hired to help coordinate the restoration of the site. This summer (2014) we are conducting a series of test plots, testing various planting strategies that will determine how the entire site gets planted the following year.

    We are looking for someone to oversee the planting of these test plots and to manage the team of five local workers toward this goal.
    1 – 1.5 months, starting sometime in July, flexible at this point.
    It is a four to six week position and pays $4000 per month plus travel, housing and a food allowance.
    Job Description:

    Looking for an experienced permaculturalist who is proficient in the application of the principles of permaculture and who has experience leading a team in the field.

    The responsibilities would be coordinating a group of 5 local planters to work on carrying out the test plots as TGI will have instructed you. This will include the surveying and contouring of the test plot areas, the collection of plant material (from pre-determined locations), the planting of said plant materials and broadcasting of seeds, and other related activities. The test plots are initially 1 acre in size. When that size has been reached to a high level of quality, then the team may expand each test plot to up to five acres in size. Much of this may be done after the person filling this role has already left the island.

    The collection of data will be in important aspect of the process. As the manager, you will be starting the data collection process, and training your local counterparts to do the same when you depart.. The specifics of the data collection will be designed for you. (Though your input would be happily received.)

    A key part of this job is education and outreach. This is an opportunity to co-design and implement a month-long hands on permaculture training for some great islanders who will be continuing the work of reforestation and ecosystem regeneration after you leave. There is also the need and opportunity to outreach to the local community. 4-5 days per week this job will entail organizing a working site and working along side locals with lots of experience with the earth, who can use support to be thinking about key permaculture concepts and applying key tools (contour level lines, ecological succession, companion planting being the most practical short term goals).

    We expect you to also be ready and able to offer presentations to NGO, community and Government groups about the work being undertaken, and organize at least one larger work day for a bigger group of volunteers by the end of the month.

    Your Advisors:
    You will report to the TGI team, and be following instructions given to you from our team. Gregory Landua, Christian Shearer and Mary Johnson will all be helping to make this project the best it can be. You will also be interfacing with the client, giving updates, relating additional needs and perhaps working through some on-the-fly challenges with him.

    The main responsibility is the worker coordination and execution of a planting plan and other responsibilities cannot get in the way of that.

    What prior skills/knowledge/experience does the job require or assume?

    • basic survey skills – finding contour lines using a laser level.
    • ability to manage earth works (simple hand dug swales, etc)
    • basic plant propagation skills
    • basic plant germ gathering skills
    • project management
    • ecology
    • permaculture design
    • awareness and ability to articulate whole systems thinking and a 8 forms of capital approach to investment.
    • Public speaking / education to small groups

    We have costed in 750 us dollars per month for this. It's not much, as Barbados is rather expensive. We imagine you might stay with the client for some portion of this time, and then maybe stay in a guest house or short term rental. Perhaps we could find a way to buy a scooter for private use :)

    Will TGI people be there as well?
    No. We will be communitcating with you from afar, helping you to get the test plots done to be highest quality possible with the conditions at hand. We have been there in the past, so we should be able to communicate pretty clearly about the work at hand.

    Please contact Christian with relevant work history / experience, and we can set up a skype interview.
    [email protected]
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    Hi All, We are happy to announce that our team has selected an applicant for the position of manager of the regeneration of the Sand Quarry in Barbados.

    We decided to accept the application that came from a group of people representing the Permaculture Institute on Trinidad, so the locality, knowledge of species and climate conditions, and the potential of future collaboration (as well as the up-liftment of the permaculture movement in Trinidad) were the factors that helped us to make this decision.

    We look forward to a successful regeneration of this land, and many other synergistic outcomes.

    Christian Shearer
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    gardening, reading, etc
    near St. Charles, MI, USoA
    Home Page:
    -15C-35C, 10cm rain/mo, clay, full sun, K-G Dfa=x=Dfb
    great ideas all around and glad you found some people to help out. : ) please, keep us posted on progress/updates.
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    And if you ever need a skinny legged pot bellied aussie permie with all his own hair and most of his own teeth... I AM THE MAN.

    Well done for posting the job. Sharing opportunities is what permaculture is about.

    Bravo and cheers,


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