"SEEDs for the Amazon" - A permaculture social outreach program in Peru -Get involved

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    The Shipibo Ecosocial Entrepreneurship Diploma (SEED) is supporting indigenous communities of the Peruvian Amazon to regenerate their environment using Permaculture.

    Our grassroots initiative aims to restore the Rainforest's vibrant culture, flourishing biodiversity and health, while co-creating sustainable livelihoods with the people who live there. This is a regenerative social movement based on nurturing a paradigm of abundance and prosperity to defend the “lungs of the Earth” and create resilience in the face of climate change.

    Alianza Arkana is a Peruvian NGO with nearly 3 years of experience successfully implementing community-based projects in the areas of environmental justice and human rights, sustainable waste management, and intercultural education. This program will be implemented with leadership from 3 Shipibo communities and in partnership with our sister NGO, the Chaikuni Institute of Permaculture.

    The Shipibo are an indigenous people who live on the Ucayali River, a main tributary of the Amazon. They are famed artisans and healers and traditionally were skilled hunters, gatherers, and subsistence agriculturalists - but they are now facing the challenges of a deteriorated forest, pollution, and ensuing economic pressures.

    Together, we are crafting a community-led model of eco-social abundance rooted in Permaculture and indigenous wisdom.

    We have finished an initial 2-week Beginners course in Permaculture and are now implementing the 11 participants' Permaculture designs on 10 acres of land. We are fundraising using the crowdfunding site indiegogo in order to continue this project further. See more here - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/seeds-for-the-amazon

    Please consider sharing this important SEED among your networks, we are also looking for hands to help in this and our other projects - https://chaikuni.org/education/internship/ - the closing deadline for this great internship is November 15th.

    Thank you for your time - Regeneration for the Amazon, her people and the World!!!
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    Hi Nick, I read your article and review your Alianza Arkana. great information over there and you are doing great job! Thanks for sharing your article here.

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